Making Weight Control Second Nature


Living Thin Naturally

The old adage is true: it takes one to know one … and how to help one—at least in the case of obesity. After struggling with her own weight issue early in her life, nationally known Registered and Licensed Dietitian Susan Burke March has maintained a healthy weight for decades, also managing to establish herself a lauded nutrition expert who, throughout her career, has influenced the dietary health and well-being of millions of consumers.

In her new book Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally, Burke March generously shares with readers the torment she once experienced with her own obesity
problem.  To the extent that her own past weight struggles remind readers of their own, her triumph indicates where they, too, can go.

Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally begins where the struggle with weight control must first be won: inside one’s head. It’s written with a crisp and raw emotional intensity, detailing tactical ways readers make weight-wise living intuitive and instinctual.

Burke March debunks the myth that some people are simply "naturally thin" and can eat with abandon.  Instead of being "different" from the average overweight American or genetically “blessed” in some way, people are "deliberately thin" through a consecutive series of small but important choices made with intention throughout each and every day.

From recipes to restaurants, cooking methods to cookbooks, nutrition facts panel to portion control, this book details what makes the author and twenty other weight losers and maintainers successful.  By taking similar steps, readers can also make "living thin" a part of their daily lifestyle and make it second nature, regardless how many diets they’ve tried—and failed with— in the past.

The secret ingredient in Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally is the revelation that being thin and healthy, eating what you like yet liking yourself, and controlling your weight without fixating on it for the rest of your life, is not about natural gifts, but about the gift of knowing how.

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